Welcome to Golden State Taekwondo (GSTKD), one of the SF Bay Area’s longest running Martial Arts Studios! We have trained thousands of students both young and older throughout our 30 year history.

Currently located in San Carlos, California, our lineage is long and our passion for the arts deep. Train with us and be a part of the GSTKD family – all are welcome.

For more information: CALL (650) 631-3781  or EMAIL

What We Teach

What is Taekwondo?
Taekwondo is literally translated as the art or way of kicking and punching. It is a native Korean form of self defense that embraces kicking, punching, dodging, and parrying. It is a system for training both mind and body, with an emphasis on the development of moral character.

At Golden State, we strive to teach a well-rounded martial art. In addition to kicking and hand techniques, students also learn sweeps, takedowns, and falling. We also feel that forms practice is essential to developing a strong foundation in the art.