Golden State’s Virtual Tournament

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What is an In-house Zoom Tournament?

All students – this is for you! It’s a fun opportunity to try out a tournament that’s not scary at all. Plus, to make it even better there will be mini challenges after the main “competition”.

How will it work?

We will have different break-out rooms for students of different belt ranks to show one form of their choice to the judges. Judges are there to help out the students after their form, by giving tips to the student that just went. After everyone has shown their forms to the judges in their belt group there will be the option in the main Zoom room to meet back up and do the mini challenges.

How do I to join the tournament?

Any belt ranks can join, there is only a few things the students need to follow. It would be best if you can reply to this email to confirm who would like to be a part of the tournament ahead of time to it can be set up to run smoothly (at least two days before so by Nov 5th). Students should practice their forms for the next two weeks to prepare. On Saturday the 7th at 11:00am PST they should be in their Gi with their belts and logged onto the normal Golden State Zoom channel.

Tournament Date & Time

November 7th (which is Saturday) at 11:00 am PDT.

On the Zoom channel Meeting number : 415-840-0134 Password : bowintkd

Email to sign up for the tournament please do as soon as possible.

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