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INTRODUCING – ZOOM private lessons for any student interested in improving their skills. These are a great time for students to work towards learning a new form or one-steps for their next belt rank. It can also be a time to improve sparring or forms, whichever they are most passionate about. 

If you or your student are interested in the New ZOOM Virtual Private Lessons contact to set up the lesson(s). Instructor and/or times can be requested. Availability and rates vary by instructor and will be confirmed with you via email.  Small group lessons are another option if friends would like to do a Zoom lesson, on the same skills, and split the cost. 

Instructors and General Availability (other Availability on request)

  • Mr. Jensen     {10am-3pm M-F, All Day Sat-Sun}
  • Mr. Lipinski    {9am-3pm M-F}
  • Mr. Lee           {11am-4pm Sat-Sun}
  • Jandu {7-9pm M-F}
  • Bruiser            {After 6pm M-F, All day Sat-Sun}
  • Vikash             {6-8pm M-F, 9am-5pm Sat-Sun}
  • Hana D.           {10am-3pm M-F, 1-6pm Sat}
  • Kira C.             {1-3pm M-Sun}
  • Hannah J.        {1-5pm Sat-Sun}
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