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What is Taekwondo?
Taekwondo is literally translated as the art or way of kicking and punching. It is a native Korean form of self defense that embraces kicking, punching, dodging, and parrying. It is a system for training both mind and body, with an emphasis on the development of moral character.

At Golden State, we strive to teach a well-rounded martial art. In addition to kicking and hand techniques, students also learn sweeps, takedowns, and falling. We also feel that forms practice is essential to developing a strong foundation in the art.

What We Offer

  • a wide variety of class times including morning classes
  • certified black belt instructors
  • adult and junior classes
  • semiprivate instruction with a head instructor during the first month of training
  • a weight room
  • private instruction by appointment
  • a clean, well maintained facility

“Golden State Taekwondo is a gem among marital arts schools. The instructors are incredibly dedicated and clearly enjoy teaching. They set high standards and expectations for all students, from the oldest to the youngest, which is challenging, but attainable with hard work.

The best part of Golden State TKD is the community, I’ve found the environment positive, respectful and supportive and many friendships develop as students train together towards their goals.”

GSTKD student

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