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Our Story

History: Golden State Taekwondo is one of the oldest and most respected martial arts schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently located in San Mateo, California, owners Deb Pedersen and Chris Jensen opened the studio in 1988 taking over from their Instructor Marty Mackowski who founded Mackowski’s TKD in 1965. Mackowski’s students were known for their superior fighting skills and technique, and GSTKD has continued this legacy producing a long list of current and past world class athletes.

Teaching Generations: However proud Pedersen and Jensen are to see their students excel in the martial arts, they remain most honored to see so many of them go on to lead successful lives, raising families and exceling in their chosen professions. And as so often happens, former students return to the studio, bringing in their children for training, knowing that they too will be empowered in both mind and body and given tools to help in their life’s journey.

Our Lineage

Golden State Taekwondo’s roots can be traced back to Bodhidharma in 400 BC, and in the US to Ki Hwang Kim. Ki Hwang Kim was Marty Mackowski’s instructor.

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