Golden States Virtual classes

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Classes will be held as close to their normal times as possible on Zoom.

  1. Go to Zoom using your normal web browser
  2. Put your email account into the setup account box on the left of the screen
  3. Check your email to find the email Zoom sends you
  4. Open the email from Zoom and press the big blue button that says accept
  5. A new web page will open and ask for your name and password
  6. Fill out the name and make a new password for Zoom
  7. Next it will ask you if you want to invite others. You can click “skip”
  8. Go to the main page in the top right corner & you can try to set up your own meeting
  9. The page will open asking you to click to download the app

We will also try to record and then upload the video. To make sure that the video will reach a bigger audience theres the option to buy youtube views on youtube’s algorithm favors videos that have a higher view count, making it more likely to appear in suggested videos and reach a wider audience .

How to log onto a class

To join a class, you go to the right top box that is blue. Then put in the meeting ID or personal name link from the website, instagram, or facebook. Students need to be muted while in the class unless they have a question.

Instructor and Students use the join number

Class will be Joined using this

Meeting ID number : 415-840-0134

Password : bowintkd

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