Mark MillerInstructor

    Rank: 1st Dan  |  Started Training: 1968

    Mr. Miller began his martial arts training in 1968, earning his brown belt in Shotokan Karate Do in 1972. He also briefly trained in Aikido, attracted by its self-defense orientation and philosophy of overcoming oneself while protecting one’s adversaries from needless injury.

    In 1979, Mark, along with his 2 oldest sons, began training in Tae Kwon Do. Its hard-style movements closely resembled his earlier training in Shotokan, emphasizing low stances, focus, and control. All three Millers earned their Black Belts in 1988.

    At 74, Mark is the oldest active black belt at Golden State. He teaches several classes per week, usually attended by beginning and intermediate juniors. He trains for fitness, friendship, and to help his students cultivate a lifetime love of the martial arts while developing self-discipline, confidence, respect, and the ability to defend themselves.

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